Since we are rapidly evolving and received so much attention so quickly, it is natural that people want more information.

Let’s start and explain what Polylastic is (although we wish some of you would ask what all the memes coins are) and is not:

At it’s core:

  • Polylastic is an index that will own the actual assets
  • Polylastic is not a mirror of anything
  • Polylastic is not a rebasing token

What is an Index? An index is a portfolio of investment holdings that typically represent a segment of the market.

  • The Polylastic Index represents what we call “smart money”
  • It is a dynamic exchange that believes there is enormous potential in synthetic assets, elastic finance, derivates, artificial intelligence.

What makes up an index in traditional markets? Market cap. The larger the market cap of a stock, the greater percentage of an index it occupies. We feel this is constrictive and limits potential.

In crypto, we believe the best days for DeFi, derivatives, synthetic assets and all the monetary applications, lie ahead of us. We want to be early. How does it accomplish this?

  • Staking the POLX token for a project signals support
  • Crypto savvy people who can stake are often early supporters of projects
  • Unlike social spam, POLX staking is a tremendous indicator of what is gaining momentum

The POLX Token:

  • Generates network fees, management fees and a share of profits
  • These benefits are delivered to POLX holders
  • A percentage of these fees are used to buy and burn POLX

We are much more than this but what we described above is our competency. What does this do for projects listed on Polylastic?

  • When we list an asset on our index, there are automatic buys.
  • It is like a targeted exchange listing
  • It opens up the project to a community of people who are following the future of money
  • They receive additional marketing efforts and exposure

Naturally, our expertise and the sector we have targeted opens us up for far more opportunities. So, Polylastic is an ecosystem builder and will be an incubator. We will be sharing a lot in the coming days so please stay tuned.

We did not anticipate setting record amounts of volume so quickly but this is a luxury problem that we are thrilled to have. This is crypto. It moves quickly and things evolve at the speed of thought…so will we.


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