Spotlight: WiFi Map

2 min readFeb 6, 2024

Welcome back to Polylastic’s ‘Spotlight’ series, where we unveil remarkable projects within the cryptocurrency space. In this edition, we’re thrilled to highlight WiFi Map, a super app featuring a community-driven decentralized wireless network with a database of 4.5 billion WiFi hotspots. Achieving remarkable success in the Web2 space with 150 million users, 3 million monthly active users (MAU), and 300,000 daily active users (DAU), WiFi Map is poised to revolutionize the Web3 space, aspiring to become a global virtual network operator.

How Does The WIFI Token Work?

$WIFI, WiFi Map’s proprietary utility token, transcends mere digital currency — it’s a gateway to premium services and a community of millions of contributors. Launched in April 2023, $WIFI has been instrumental in propelling the app’s growth with innovative features and services, leveraging blockchain technology on the Polygon network.

Users can earn $WIFI tokens by actively contributing to WiFi Map’s expansion, performing tasks like adding hotspots, verifying network information, and conducting internet speed tests. Rewards are distributed through monthly competitions. These tokens can be used to unlock premium features within the app, such as eSIM mobile data plans, enhancing the user experience and providing added convenience through direct balance top-ups.

Additionally, users receive a generous 15% cashback in $WIFI when redeeming eSIM mobile data plans, serving as a token of gratitude for their contributions to the WiFi Map community’s growth. Moreover, users can strengthen community ties by expressing gratitude through monetary tips.

Who Is The Team Behind WiFi Maps?

The WiFi Map team is led by Alex Aleinikau, the Creative Director, along with visionary co-founders who are seasoned technology entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Web 2.0 era. With an impressive eight-year journey, WiFi Map has flourished as a self-funded startup, driven by the dedication of over 30 passionate teammates strategically stationed globally. This diverse and dynamic team has played a pivotal role in WiFi Map’s evolution into a leading force in the connectivity landscape.

Where Can I Trade WIFI?

You can buy WiFi Map on cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX, Bibox, BitMart, CoinEx,, and HTX (Huobi). WiFi Map is traded on 9 exchanges, with Bibox being the most popular.

Closing Thoughts

Beyond its utility in accessing premium services, $WIFI has the potential to serve as a means for users to purchase branded merchandise or exclusive clothing items related to WiFi Map, fostering a sense of community among its users. Integrating clothing options into the $WIFI ecosystem could provide users with a tangible way to showcase their support for the platform while enhancing engagement and brand visibility.






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