Spotlight: artlabs

The fourth project featured in Polylastic’s ‘Spotlight’ series is artlabs. artlabs provides a variety of different solutions related to commerce and the metaverse. With an increased public interest in 3D content and AR and their collaboration with Polygon Studios, artlabs presented us with a unique project that we are excited to cover. Let’s get right into the meat of it!

artlabs Background

The artlabs team consists of over 24 young ambitious professionals with a combined 30+ published scientific papers in the field. Their mission is to help brands create a strong presence in the metaverse by bridging the physical and digital worlds. They aim to fuel a new Web 3 internet with the support of collaborators and contributors, including Polygon.

What is artlabs?

artlabs offers 3D and AR at scale for commerce and the metaverse. This includes fast and scalable content generation, hyper-realistic augmented reality, and virtual try-on solutions for activities such as shopping for products.

How Does It Work?

Artlabs’ augmented reality solutions bring digital assets and NFTs to life. Through their platform, users can:

  • Share 3D and AR viewer links, allowing for an end-to-end solution that can be embedded anywhere without coding.

The Future of artlabs

Web 3.0 has been shaping up nicely with the exponential growth of NFTs, P2E games, and DAOs. While there is still a long way to the full development of this next generation of internet, artlabs seems to have carved out a significant place in this arena. There is no shortage of companies and brands looking to enter this space. Having secured partnerships with the likes of Polygon DAO, Nvidia, Metaverse Standards Forum, AWS, and others, artlabs is very well-positioned, and we look forward to following the latest developments of this incredible project!

This concludes the fourth Polylastic ‘Spotlight.” The Polylastic team hopes that you enjoyed this exclusive insight into artlabs. As always, stay tuned for future ‘Spotlight’ featured projects.

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