Satoshi Club: A Polylastic Ecosystem Champion

3 min readJun 3, 2021

We have been championing the growth of this emerging market sector for a while now and are glad to partner with more communities that are working towards creating knowledge and exposure to this nascent asset class. It is hard for new projects in this space as well as in-market users to be informed at all times of the changes in the industry. At Polylastic we are here to bring more exposure to the projects we will be nurturing and aggregate these assets before funnelling and distilling them into our intuitive index.

We understand that although identifying opportunity is important, there is a need to go further by nurturing and fostering growth. Because of this realization, we have made it our mission to compile resources and partners in order to streamline this path. This is the idea behind our Ecosystem Champions program. The champions we partner with have the capacity to provide exposure, guidance, community support and in the long run, generate an informed user base for the projects. As a platform, we are moving forward into nurturing the next generation of digital finance projects, which are evolving each day.

Polylastic partners with Satoshi Club

We are therefore thrilled to announce our new partnership with Satoshi Club, making it the newest project to join as an Ecosystem Champion. We are looking forward to all the impact that the partnership will deliver.

Satoshi Club is an educational group about crypto and blockchain technologies. It represents a place where crypto projects can grow. Satoshi Club has around 100,000 members cumulatively on its social media platforms, and is growing every day. Through its social media channels, Satoshi Club conducts educational sessions about crypto projects, which attracts many viewers, feedback and information sharing which is important for any project. Through its popular AMA sessions, Satoshi Club can interact with the community, answer questions about the project of the day and educate the community.

How the partnership will impact the community and Ecosystem Champions

The mission behind Ecosystem Champions is the incremental new users to grow the projects’ communities. Through these collaborations, the projects we nurture will have well programmed launches, pre- and post-marketing campaigns and initiatives to best prepare them for the crypto market.

Satoshi Club has planned and executed more than 700 AMA projects so far with notable projects in the market such as Cardano, Litecoin, Orion Protocol, KuCoin, Monero and many others. Its impact will go a long way in helping our projects to achieve the success they need. It will also allow the community to learn more about all projects, opening the projects up to more users and potential investors.

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About Ecosystem Champions:

In addition to making it easy for everyone to invest into our buckets of indices, we are working on creating a trustworthy ecosystem where we can nurture projects and launch them. We do not want to be a standalone launchpad/ incubator. But to do what we want to do, we have to take the responsibility of passing the knowledge we have gained during our own token launch to help high quality projects that are yet to be launched in this space. So, we have forged strong partnerships with popular stakeholders who we call, Ecosystem Champions in the digital asset space.




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