Polylastic Welcomes Moses Dada, Index Specialist

As the Polylastic Index Protocol remains in development and inches closer to completion, the Polylastic team has been fortunate to add the expertise of Moses Dada to the Polylastic advisory board. Moses brings his experience from traditional financial into the blockchain sector and has been instrumental in the formulation of the algorithm that defines the inner workings of the Polylastic indexes. Moses has been working closely with the Polylastic team for the last few months, and he is now welcomed on board officially in an advisory capacity specific to the Index Protocol.

Moses has a unique insight into the evolution of crypto, with experience of over half a decade. As an expert in indexes, he developed hedging and market-making algorithms for indexes such as RUSSEL, FTSE, and S&P500 and its constituencies. Additionally, he advises funds and startups on machine learning methods to forecast, model & build strategies regarding business goals, and systematic investment strategies.

Moses’ experience ranges from investment banking and hedge funds in the capacity of a Quant, Market Maker, and Quant developer. He is designated with the CQF (Certificate of Quantitative Finance) and multiple postgraduate degrees in financial mathematics, including a Ph.D. He has also produced financial articles and journals in the econometric and financial mathematics space.

Moses’ wealth of knowledge and experience is a huge asset to Polylastic and we are greatly looking forward to his continued contributions as we deliver on our vision.



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