Polylastic Staking Portal Now Live!

Our portal for staking POLX and POLX-MATIC LP liquidity pool tokens is now live! Please see details, below, followed by a step-by-step guide.

Staking Details

Note: The staked tokens will be locked for the whole duration of the staking program. Following completion of the staking period, you may withdraw the total staked amount of tokens + the staking rewards to your wallet in POLX. Early withdrawal will result in a reduction of rewards by 25% and a 7 day lockup period. Once tokens are staked, only one early withdrawal is permitted throughout the staking period. Multiple early withdrawals are not possible.

POLX Token Staking

  • Staking period: one year (12 months)


  • Staking period: one year (12 months)

How to get LP tokens?

Head over to Quickswap website, select pools and click add liquidity.

Select POLX and Matic

Or click this link:

Select how much of POLX tokens and Matic you want to swap for lp tokens

View your lp tokens by adding this address to your wallet:



APY: Annual Percentage Yield is the rate you can earn over a year.
V3 POLX Balance: Displays your POLX balance if your wallet is connected.
Currently Staked: Displays how much you have in stake currently
Rewards Earned: Displays how many rewards you have earned to date.
Staking Period: Displays the duration of the current staking period.
Reward Date: Date when staking end and rewards are distributed.

How to Stake?

Visit: https://staking.portalpolylastic.io

Connect your wallet to the site and make sure you are on Polygon mainnet.

POLX Staking

  • Press the ‘Stake’ button.

POLX LP pool

  • Press the Stake button.

How to Withdraw?

  • Press the ‘Withdraw’ button.

Early Withdraw

  • Follow the “How to Withdraw” section above.

At Polylastic, we aim to create an environment where community members can participate, earn, and grow! Stay tuned for updates regarding our staking platform and other exciting opportunities within the Polylastic ecosystem.

Enjoy your staking rewards!



The First Premium Set of Digital Asset Indexes, powered by Polygon.

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The First Premium Set of Digital Asset Indexes, powered by Polygon.