Polylastic Index: Proof of Concept


To our faithful community, we appreciate your patience and understanding over the past few weeks. We’ve been persistent in our work and efforts to provide you with the best product. During this time we’ve advanced in our development and are proud to announce that the POC is complete. In this article, we will share some sneak peeks of the POC with screenshots and captions. Please do keep in mind, this is a very early iteration without the final features/structure/or branding.

The Polylastic Index will make it easy for investors of all experience levels to get exposure to a robust crypto portfolio, with a few clicks of a button. The POLX Dapp will allow investors to receive a collection of carefully selected cryptocurrencies, by simply following a few easy steps. The following slides display the ease-of-use of which you may expect to see once the final product is released.

Note: This proof of concept is not intended to reflect any final product. It is intended only to demonstrate feasibility as a working concept. While the final product may contain elements of this proof of concept, some features are not included in this presentation, as development remains underway.

User Guide: Overview

Note: The underlying assets included in this presentation may not reflect the tokens and percentages that will be included in the final index(s). 16.6% in BTCB, 16.6% in CAKE, and 16.6% in ETH, are used for demonstration purposes only. Additionally, the 50% in POLX (represented here as CFPX1), is also subject to a change in percentage. The final product can be expected to include 8+ indexed tokens, all of which will be decided based on expert market analysis.

Note: The staking periods represented by minutes in the ‘Final Step’ slide do not reflect the actual staking durations, which will ultimately be identified by months (ie. If you stake for 12+ months, you will not be subject to tax upon withdrawal).

We hope that you like the early proof of concept that we’ve developed. We are now on a further developed iteration of the product and things are moving quick. In fact, the next versions that we are working on will completely blow you away. Again, we appreciate your support through our journey and we are so excited for what’s to come. Keep your eyes peeled next week and in the weeks to come, a lot of exciting times ahead!

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