Polylastic Index Alpha Testing — How to Participate

As we enter into the final stages of development before the public release of the Polylastic indexes, we will be conducting alpha testing in our efforts to ensure a most satisfying user experience. Volunteer testers will be the first to utilize fully functional indexes that have been specifically designed for testing purposes. Testers will be able to explore the features and functionalities expected to be included in the first collection of indexes. Those wishing to participate will be able to apply using the link below:

Polylastic — Index testing group

Fifty to one hundred successful applicants will be selected to participate in the testing program and earn their share of the 2,500 USDT rewards bounty. Stay tuned for more information, as selected testers will be announced shortly after the application closes.

Apply Now!

Why Participate In Alpha Testing?

This testing program allows for the Polylastic team to analyze any potential glitches or bugs that the tester may encounter. In doing so, it also provides us with a unique opportunity to include our valued community members in a very integral part of the development and review process.



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