Polylastic Brings Crypton Studio on Board for Advanced Index Development

The Polylastic team is elated to collaborate with Crypton Studio, an international leader in the development of innovative blockchain projects, as the Polylastic index protocol continues to be enhanced and refined. Crypton Studio offers a dedicated team to assist in ensuring that the Polylastic indices meet the highest of standards in not only functionality and user experience, but also in terms of security.

The decision to involve Crypton Studios in this project was an easy one. The manpower and expertise that they bring to the table is a welcome addition to the Polylastic in-house development team. The Polylastic index protocol is quite complex and advanced under the hood, despite its ease of use on the front end. Therefore, not only are the additional eyes and minds of the experts at Crypton Studio of great value, but the extra hands on deck will help to deliver the final product in a more suitable time frame. The entire Polylastic family looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with Crypton Studio.

About Crypton Studio

Based out of Latvia and with offices throughout the world, Crypton Studio is the largest blockchain development studio in Europe with over 150 employees. Since its establishment in 2016, Crypton Studio has built hundreds of blockchain projects. They have delivered on a vast array of different projects, including NFT marketplaces, staking platforms, crowdfunding platforms (IDO), Indexes, decentralized exchange/swaps, tokenization platforms, exchanges, payment apps for merchants to Mobile wallet, and many others.

Having worked with customers from all ends of the globe, Crypton Studio has provided exemplary services in over 21 countries and found a common ground to collaborate with even the most geographically distant customers. The staff includes many experts and specialists, whose abilities are most highly regarded in the competitive cryptocurrency space.

Website: https://crypton.studio/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/crypton_studio

Medium: https://cryptonstudio.medium.com/



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