Our First Polylastic Ecosystem Champion: Kickpad

The only thing growing faster than DeFi is the number of DeFi projects coming to market. Inherent to such a statement is the notion that are as many or more suspect initiatives as there are prospects. It is tantamount to the populating of the internet. Users became quickly overwhelmed by the amount of content and challenged to access worthwhile information. Honing in on worthy content remains challenging — even in the age of advanced algorithms.

As a project that is truly a champion of the emerging market that we broadly call “Polylastic Finance,” there will be similar challenges for the ordinary user. Gaining exposure to a nascent asset class is not easy for an individual— even the more informed. At Polylastic, we are here to shine a light on what we believe to be worthy, cumulate these assets before funneling and distilling it into our intuitive index. Still, it is not enough for us to merely identify opportunity; we must be able to nurture and foster growth. In that spirit, we are compiling resources and partners in order to streamline the path forward. Polylastic chosen projects will receive the benefit of exposure to new communities, incubation and even launches. Most every startup begins humbly and this is where opportunity can be best realized. To be early on a low market cap project that has untold upside and contribute to its potential by providing it exposure, guidance, community support and ultimately, committed buyers. This is what a champion does.

Kickpad was forward-thinking as a launchpad by recognizing a key pain point. A project’s worth is defined not just by its value proposition but by its ability to gain the attention of a fractured audience, once again overwhelmed by quantity, not quality. In this regard, Kickpad has effectively taken ownership of this absolutely essential piece in a way no other launchpad has. Their “after sales” service and work with Polylastic even after our launch is evident, as POLX became one of the most successful IDOs of 2021.

As Polylastic moves forward into nurturing the next generation of digital finance initiatives, into incubation, into aggregation and into indicized products, gaining the needed visibility for projects that will usher in the next era of DeFi is something we must contribute to. In this spirit, we are elated to announce Polylastic’s partnership with Kickpad. Going forward, they will not just be an adjunct to our marketing efforts, but a genuine partner. We believe that our combined efforts will allow us to replicate the success they experienced and more. Our collective input will create singular and potent messaging to create a channeled feed of information that will presage an impending shift in the market. Our collaboration will run deep, with customised programs for our upcoming project launches, marketing campaigns and initiatives.

For Polylastic, our growing pipeline of partners create new opportunities and onboarding Kickpad represents an ideal first step to nurture an industry that is built and supported by our Ecosystem Champions.

“What drives crypto is money. Without funding, seigniorage and reasons to create tradable pairs and fuel for the burgeoning derivates market, the arbitrage to keep farms flourishing and the algorithmic stable coins stable, DeFi will be nothing more than a footnote — and we are well beyond that point of no return. It’s the depth of the water and support what we see on the surface and the floor of our ocean is funding. This is the Polylastic proposition; to discover value wherever it may lie, hence ‘Poly’, and realize it by assessing community support through the POLX token and funnel this value into game-changing initiatives that are instrumental to our future,” states Sunil Bhat, co-founder of Polylastic.

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About Ecosystem Champions:

In addition to making it easy for everyone to invest into our buckets of indices, we are working on creating a trustworthy ecosystem where we can nurture projects and launch them. We do not want to be a standalone launchpad/ incubator. But to do what we want to do, we have to take the responsibility of passing the knowledge we have gained during our own token launch to help high quality projects that are yet to be launched in this space. So, we have forged strong partnerships with popular stakeholders who we call, Ecosystem Champions in the digital asset space.

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