Introducing: Polylastic Spotlight Series

Polylastic is proud to announce the new ‘Polylastic Spotlight’ series. This series will highlight many impressive Polygon-built projects and give community members exclusive insight into the scope of the project and what it contributes to the greater Polygon ecosystem. It will also allow Polylastic (POLX) holders the opportunity to learn about projects that can potentially be voted into the DAO governed community-decided index.

One of the key objectives of the Polylastic index protocol is to make access to crypto easy for people of all experience levels. An important part of this initiative is educating the public about the many utilities projects on the Polygon network have to offer. The comprehensive breakdown of each project on ‘Spotlight’ will assist community members in understanding and awareness of many impressive projects of all categories, including DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Blue chip, and much more.

The ‘Polylastic Spotlight’ series will kick off in the coming days. You’re not going to want to miss it, so stay tuned for the release of the very first edition.



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