Introducing Polylastic Boost

The Polylastic community is growing stronger day after day. Right from day 1, our community has backed us and has been the main driving factor behind our successful launch. This support has only grown stronger since launch. The active and engaged community is going to be the fuel that will power our community weighted indices. In order to nurture and grow our community, we are introducing Polylastic Boost, a digital co-marketing platform that will reward our users for spreading the word about our partnerships and collaborations.

What would a typical Boost campaign comprise of?

  • Listing on the Polylastic Aggregator: The Polylastic aggregator is the first step for projects to get featured in our community weighted indices. Only those projects that are listed on our aggregator will be considered for the community voting rounds.
  • Joint announcements that will be covered by popular crypto channels and communities.
  • Co-marketing campaigns that will reward users for promoting the partnerships and the collaborations.
  • Custom campaigns eg: Joint AMAs, airdrops, etc to spread awareness about the partnered projects and Polylastic.

Interested to participate in the Polylastic Boost program?

We have already built up a strong pipeline of projects that will be partnering with us and participating in the Polylastic Boost program. If you are part of or represent a project that can benefit from this program, we would love to hear from you. Please fill up this application form and we will be in touch.

Benefits to our community

We are confident that the Polylastic Boost platform will reward our community in multiple ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Rewards in POLX tokens and the project’s tokens in return for the community’s efforts.
  • Exposure to interesting projects that are likely to be of good quality.
  • Ability to get your favourite projects listed on the Polylastic aggregator and Indices (subject to community voting).
  • Part of the revenues generated from the Boost campaigns will be used to buy back and burn POLX tokens.
  • Improved visibility for Polylastic that could help acquire new users and communities.

- Polylastic

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