How To Participate In The Pre-Staking Program

  1. Login to your Kucoin account and make sure you have POLX tokens. If not, you can buy from the market.
  2. Transfer the desired POLX tokens from the account where it is held (either Main or Trading Account) to the PooL-X account.
  3. Visit the pool-x official website:
  4. Select EARN > Promotions > Flexible.
  5. Click “Subscribe” and complete the steps to start staking POLX.

(Please note: Some users have experienced an issue where clicking on Subscribe opens a new tab directing users to Kucoin website. If this occurs, please try using a different browser, eg: Chrome and the issue should get resolved.)

How to transfer POLX to your Pool-X account?

  1. Select “Assets” and select the account where your POLX tokens are held (either Trading Account or Main Account).
  2. On the row corresponding to the POLX token, click on Transfer.
  3. A pop-up will appear. Select “Pool-X” as the destination from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the desired amount of POLX tokens and click on “Confirm”.



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