CryptoDiffer: A True Polylastic Ecosystem Champion

The DeFi market is growing on a daily basis, with the number of projects growing exponentially each month. This has made it harder for projects to generate awareness in the market as well as attract users. Additionally, regular users are finding it hard to keep themselves informed about interesting and good quality projects due to the noise generated by thousands of projects in this market.

Polylastic is committed to shining a light on worthy projects by providing a platform where they can showcase their achievements, launch their products as well as be introduced to a wider market. The Polylastic aggregator helps facilitate this by cumulating the assets before funneling and distilling them into our intuitive index. This will be possible through the partners we have, as they have more capacity to provide marketing for exposure to new markets, incubation and mentorship that can ultimately nurture growth.

What is the Ecosystem Champions Program?

In this spirit, we created the Ecosystem Champions Program, a strong partnership with popular stakeholders in the digital asset space to help generate awareness for projects that get launched on our premium launchpad and for those that are listed on our aggregator. This is absolutely essential for creating a trustworthy ecosystem where we can nurture projects and launch them. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to pass knowledge gained through our own token launch to other high quality projects and help them through the process. The champions will provide the projects with exposure, guidance, community support and an engaged user base.

CryptoDiffer and Polylastic

We are excited to announce our next Ecosystem Champion: CryptoDiffer, a social media based platform focused on news and research. The goal of the CryptoDiffer platform is to cover news and updates of digital assets and investments as fast as possible. CryptoDiffer has over 36,500 subscribers on Telegram and 177.5k followers on Twitter. Its posts and analyses are frequently quoted by industry leaders and its infographics are familiar to most traders and crypto investors.

The partnership is in line with our vision and mission for the Ecosystem Champions Program. Through this partnership, it will be possible to create awareness for projects we work with, through the timely updates and news reports by CryptoDiffer.

CryptoDiffer had also provided Polylastic a bigger audience through its social media presence by frequently sharing announcements, news and updates about our projects and progress. This provides an opportunity for POLX tokens as more traders will have adequate information and drive to trade with our native token. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to achieve our goal of funneling value into game-changing initiatives that are instrumental to our future.

- Polylastic

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About CryptoDiffer

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About Ecosystem Champions:

In addition to making it easy for everyone to invest into our buckets of indices, we are working on creating a trustworthy ecosystem where we can nurture projects and launch them. We do not want to be a standalone launchpad/ incubator. But to do what we want to do, we have to take the responsibility of passing the knowledge we have gained during our own token launch to help high quality projects that are yet to be launched in this space. So, we have forged strong partnerships with popular stakeholders who we call, Ecosystem Champions in the digital asset space.



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