9/9/22 Weekly Recap

•Mobile Index Edits Complete! As we had mentioned in the last tech update, there were some small tweaks that were required to make the mobile version of the index an even better user experience. These changes have been executed and the index is now ready in its entirety to be reviewed by the team! We will receive the complete, fully functioning product on Monday, where we will navigate all of the features on testnet.

•Collaborations and Partnerships! As the index launch approaches, we have been stepping up efforts to secure valuable partnerships with fellow projects. As you know, our index will include many top projects within the Polygon ecosystem. It is of great importance that we not only list these projects in the indices but also form strong relationships with the projects’ teams and communities alike. We have been making great strides in this area, and look forward to continuing to build and grow with more amazing collaborators and partners.

•Community To-Do’s! As we mention in every Friday recap, community involvement is a big part of what helps support the Polylastic ecosystem. Some simple action steps that we ask everyone to participate in, include:

Liking, sharing, and creating awareness around all social media platforms.

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