8/12/22 Weekly Recap

Final Day to Sign Up For Index Testing! As you probably know by now, we have been accepting applications for alpha testing of the index. We have received many applications so far and are pleased with the level of interest and engagement from the community. We would like to remind you all that this is the last day to sign up! If you would like to and have not done so yet, please sign up asap through the following link:


Polylastic Index Development Update!

We are rapidly approaching the completion of Polylastic’s first set of crypto indices, and it is important to us that you know the latest ongoings behind the scenes. Earlier this week, we shared an update with you all regarding development. Check it out!


•Community to-dos! As we mention in every Friday recap, community involvement is a big part of what helps stimulate the growth of Polylastic. In support of this effort, some simple steps community members are encouraged to take, include:

Liking, sharing, and creating awareness around all social media platforms:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Facebook | Instagram |Medium

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!



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