8/10/22 — Index Development Update

As we put the finishing touches on the index and prepare to go live on the mainnet, we would like to share the most recent development updates with the Polylastic community. Check out some of these items, below!

Smart Contract Integration

We have deployed smart contracts to the testnet and integrated the platform with smart contracts. All features of the platform are functioning optimally and we are delighted with how smooth everything is interacting on all fronts.

Closed Alpha Testing

The Polylastic team has started internal testing of the index platform. This includes:

  • Smart contract testing.

We have updated and revised a few UI models and adjusted some formats to provide a better user experience.

We will provide one more update on the platform before we enable community members to test it out and give valuable feedback.

List of tasks completed since last Development Update:

  • Finished platform UI designs.

We would like to thank the Polylastic community for engaging with the team and contributing to the progress of the index in this final stretch as we close in on completion. We look forward to delivering future updates as we approach the launch of the first collection of indexes. More to come!



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