6/17/22 Weekly Recap

2 min readJun 17, 2022

Polylastic V2 to V3 Upgrade Complete! The migration of Polylastic (POLX) from V2 (BSC) to V3 (Polygon) has been successfully completed. This means that the V2 to V3 swap portal is no longer operational. We have accounted for all the tokens swapped through the portal during the period it was open. Unswapped tokens will never end up in POLX V3 (Polygon) circulation.


Tokens that were not in circulation on Polylastic V2, including foundation, KuCoin, team, and advisors, were not swapped through the swap portal.

Total tokens swapped through the portal: 5,824,293,089 POLX

Total tokens swapped (includes uncirculated, foundation, team, and advisors tokens): 99,175,499,907 POLX

Total tokens that were not swapped: 824,500,093 POLX

*Unswapped tokens will never enter into the circulating supply.

What is the reason for so many unswapped tokens?

Most of these tokens are in wallets that are holding small quantities of POLX. We were able to determine that many of these tokens belong to people who had previously sold most of their positions and were left with a minimal amount of tokens.

•Polylastic x BitKeep Wallet Airdrop Event! Earlier this week, we announced the ongoing Polylastic and BitKeep Wallet airdrop event. From now through 06/22/22 (GMT+8), users will qualify to receive a share of $3000 worth of tokens by completing a few simple tasks.

To participate, please follow the link below and complete all steps as specified:


•Community to-dos! As we mention in every Friday recap, community involvement is a big part of what helps support Polylastic in our mission. Please take a moment to participate in:

Liking, sharing, and creating awareness around all social media platforms.

Join our community here 👇





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