6/06/22 — Index Development Update

3 min readJun 6, 2022


Recently, we shared a development update that included many of the characteristics and functions that the Polylastic Index Protocol will feature. Building on this, we would like to offer a glimpse into some additional developments. Check out some of these items, below!

Referral System

This feature allows participants an opportunity to earn rewards for referring new users to Polylastic.

  • Users will be able to receive a referral link from the index website and share it with friends to earn POLX.

Wallet Connection System Integration

This feature allows users to connect their wallets safely and easily, with a simple click. Users will be able to connect to:

  • BitKeep Wallet
  • MetaMask Wallet

Custom Error Message

In perhaps not the most exciting development, but a necessary one, we have successfully implemented an error message and error popup feature in the event that you are unable to connect using your PC or smartphone. Of course, should you receive this message, we will be on standby to assist you in resolving any issue.

DAO Voting System

The development of the DAO voting system has been completed. Among the final features that have been implemented, is a status bar that keeps users updated as to the different voting stages. These stages include:

  • Awaiting
  • Active
  • Finished
  • Rejected

Additionally, a “Start a New Vote” section has been added. Users can start voting by clicking the “New Vote” button. They can then input the issue that they would like to be voted on by filling out the popup form.

Transaction Tracker

This feature allows users to view transaction history. Users will also have to opinion to sort transaction history by txhash, date, amount, and transaction type.

As you can see, the Polylastic Index is really taking form. We are excited to share the latest updates with our community. We look forward to delivering future updates as we approach the completion of the first collection of indexes. Stay tuned!




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