3/25/23 Weekly Recap

2 min readMar 25


•Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Article! Earlier this week, we did a write-up on dollar-cost averaging and how it applies to cryptocurrency. It is considered an excellent trading strategy, so if you’d like to learn more, definitely give the following Medium article a read-through.


•ZK Technology Artice! This week, we unveiled an insightful write-up that delves deep into the world of ZK Rollups and sheds light on their significant influence in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. We also make note of ZK technology entering into the Polylastic ecosystem. If you missed it, check it out on our Medium!


•Always Verify Polylastic Contacts & Groups. We have been getting reports from community members of several fake Polylastic accounts. Please beware of any and all fake Polylastic accounts! Typically, team members and admin will not DM first. Be sure to verify all accounts, contacts, groups, etc. Stay vigilant, Polylastic family.

•Community Engagement!

Every week we ask for community involvement in helping to spread awareness about Polylastic. Polygon network is gaining a lot of traction lately, and there is a great opportunity to educate people about the premier index protocol built on Polygon — Polylastic! Check out the Medium for specifics on simple tasks that you can do to help in this effort!


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Enjoy the rest of the weekend, all!




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