3/17/23 Weekly Recap

1 min readMar 17, 2023

•Polylastic’s Staking Program is Underway! You may now stake your POLX and POLX/MATIC LP tokens and enjoy generous rewards! For more details on staking, please read through pinned messages. To access the staking portal, please use the following link.


•Polylastic ‘Spotlight’ Series! For the latest edition of Polylastic’s ‘Spotlight’ series, we explored OrbCity, a LandFi metaverse, which blends NFT Gaming and DeFi together to create a robust and rewarding ecosystem for participants. Check out the full Spotlight via the link, below!


•QuillAudits Twitter Spaces AMA! Polylastic core team members VJ, KD, and Brandon enjoyed a great AMA segment hosted by QuillAudits. A big thank you to their gracious host and the QuillAudits team, along with great listeners! If you missed it, check it out below!


•Community To-Do’s! As we mention in every Friday recap, community involvement is a big part of what helps support the Polylastic ecosystem. Please take a moment to participate in:

Liking, sharing, and creating awareness around all social media platforms.

Join our community here 👇


Thank you and enjoy the weekend, everyone!




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