11/11/22 Weekly Recap

Polylastic is committed to providing safe and thoroughly-vetted projects to our community through our index. With every project that is selected to be in the index baskets, liquidity must meet strict criteria as the health of all underlying assets must be established prior to being available in the index. Additionally, any projects that are selected to be in the DeFi, Blue Chip, NFT, Gaming, and any other baskets, must be upstanding, transparent, and proven to be copacetic in regard to all business affairs. Any project that does not meet our standards, will not be listed in the index.

Despite the challenges crypto faced this week, we have been full steam ahead and are excited to share some of the things we’ve been up to this week. Let’s get right into it!

•Fourth Polylastic ‘Spotlight’ Feature! For the fourth edition of Polylastic’s ‘Spotlight’ series, we explored Artlabs and their different solutions related to commerce and the metaverse. Artlabs is a unique and ambitious project integrating Polygon into its Web 3 initiative. Check out the Spotlight, below!


•Polylastic Index Icon Competition! As the Polylastic Index approaches the eagerly awaited mainnet launch, we have decided to enlist the Polylastic community’s help in creating the official icons for the individual index baskets via the Polylsatic Index Icon Design Contest. The contest began on Thursday, Nov 10th, and will end on Thursday, Nov 17th at 10:00 AM EST (3:00 PM UTC). See the article below for details.


•Final Index Launch Checklist! We have been working our way down the final pre-launch checklist before the index goes live. Even the smallest of details are carefully reviewed as we want to ensure a flawless launch. Some of the larger items in the checklist include finalizing the assets that have been selected to go into each basket. As mentioned in the intro, this piece includes a thorough checklist of its own.

Everything is right on track, and we can’t wait till everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of this fantastic index product!

•Community Engagement!

Every week we ask for community involvement in helping to spread awareness about Polylastic. Check out the Medium for specifics on simple tasks that you can do to help in this effort!


Join our community here 👇


Have a great weekend, all!



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