10/19/22 — Index Development Update

Polylastic’s Alpha Testing program is in full swing and testers have been diligently going through all of the functions and features of the index. All minor bugs that have been reported have been examined and addressed by the development team. All testing program participants have been doing an excellent job navigating the index and reporting their findings.

Index Tester Findings and Solutions

Below are some of the findings that testers noted.

  • “Gross Profit” and “Gross Loss” do not decrease when units are sold, however, it does increase when buys occur.

The development team has confirmed that the above issues are bugs, and are promptly resolving these issues.

List of Tasks Completed Since Last Development Update:

In addition to the bug fixes, our development team has implemented some upgrades to the index. Check out some of these items, below!

  • Upgraded logo

We would like to thank the Polylastic community for your steadfast support. A special thank you to all of the testers, who play a critical role in the late-stage development phase of the index. Stay tuned!



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